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5 Steps for Graphics Interpretation Questions on the GMAT

If you’re familiar at all with the GRE, then Data Interpretation may not be a foreign concept. Data analysis is one of the four main tested Quantitative concepts on the GRE, so it’s no surprise that the GMAT added it as one of the four new Integrated Reasoning question-types. The Graphics Interpretation section will present […]

GMAT Integrated Reasoning: How to Interpret a Venn Diagram

In GMAT Integrated Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation questions will present you with a piece of data in the form of a graph, Venn diagram, scatter plot, etc. Below will be two statements, each with a missing portion. You will be asked to answer by choosing one of four choices presented in a drop-down menu. So, what is a […]

ACT English: Clarity

The ACT English test will test your ability to identify clear, concise sentences. This won’t be as easy as it sounds, as you’ll need to know rules about using the passive voice, proper noun, pronoun, and adverb agreement, among other writing conventions. Since there’s so many rules for writing, proper test prep is necessary to […]

ACT English: Prepositions Usage

The ACT English section will sometimes test your knowledge of preposition usage; knowledge is the keyword here, since you really cannot reason your way through the intricacies of preposition usage. For this reason, we often refer to preposition questions as “idiom” questions; simply put, an idiom is a recognized grammatical construction that is a rule […]

GRE Reading Comprehension—Types of Questions and Tips

Reading comprehension questions on the GRE will ask you various details about long and short written passages.  For many people, the reading comprehension is the part of the test that they fear the most.  So you know what to expect on the reading comprehension portion of the test, look below to see the different types […]