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NextGen Bar Exam: About the Exam Changes in 2026

The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE®) has announced that a new Next Generation (NextGen) Bar exam will replace the current Bar exam in July of 2026. The NCBE has content scope outlines detailing topics tested on the new Bar exam, and will release more NextGen specifics in 2024. We will walk you through the […]

GMAT Test Changes

The GMAT was significantly changed on November 7th, 2023. Initially, this new, next-generation version of the GMAT exam, was called the ‘GMAT Focus Edition’, however, since then, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has reverted the name to simply the GMAT. TABLE OF CONTENTS Latest GMAT Changes Summary Why the GMAT changed GMAT Scoring Updates […]

The Shorter GRE: New Test (as of 2024) Half as Long

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) shortened the Graduate Record Exam (GRE®). Instead of a 4-hour long exam, test-takers now receive a condensed exam that takes less than two hours to complete, about half the time of the old test. Read about what changed on the GRE, and how it affects your GRE prep. We’ll also […]

What's a Good LSAT score?

What LSAT score do you need? As you consider an LSAT score goal, it’s always wise to look at average scores at the schools to which you’re applying. For starters, though, here are the basics you might need to know about your LSAT score: The LSAT is scored on a 120-180 scale. The average LSAT […]

What’s the Best GRE Prep?

GRE prep is just one part of your graduate school application process but you’ll spend as many as 10 hours per week over three months getting ready for Test Day. You’ll want to use that time wisely and invest in the best GRE prep available. Just like you researched the graduate schools and programs you’ll be […]

5 Tips for GMAT Table Analysis Questions

The Table Analysis questions (one of five problem types in the Data Insights section), will present one large table with a drop-down menu that allows you to sort information from the table by column. Each question will have three either-or statements (yes/no, true/false, inferable/not inferable, etc), and you will be required to pick one choice […]

5 Steps for Graphics Interpretation Questions on the GMAT

Analyzing graphs, including pie charts, column graphs, scatterplots, and more, is a key skill to possess on the GMAT. Being able to interpret problems that use graphs in different forms will be crucial for your Data Insights score and overall GMAT score. You will be given a statement with two blanks. Fill in each blank […]

What's Tested on the GMAT: Data Insights

Data Insights questions are designed to resemble problems you will encounter in business school and in your career. The Data Insights section is the only section of the GMAT that gives you access to an on-screen calculator—but don’t be tempted to over-rely on the calculator; DI questions are designed to test complex reasoning far more […]

What's Tested on the GMAT: Verbal Section

The GMAT Verbal Section is designed to test your skills in analyzing arguments and your ability to read critically. The section consists of 2 question types: Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. Time: 45 minutes Format: 23 questions Tests: Critical/analytical thinking, Comprehension, Inference You have 45 minutes to answer 23 Verbal questions in two formats: Reading […]

What's Tested on the GMAT: Quantitative Section

The GMAT Quantitative Section is designed to test your quantitative reasoning—your ability to think logically about quant concepts. It covers basic math concepts, including arithmetic, algebra, statistics, and more but it’s not truly a math test (though it can certainly feel like it). The section contains only one problem type: Problem Solving. You will need […]