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Free Event: Finding Time


“Why am I feeling so overwhelmed?? I should totally be able to do it all!?! There just aren’t enough hours in the day!!”

This lesson is for anyone who feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished for work, school, family, friends, fun, and new dreams/goals. Were you already struggling to keep up with your calendar, and now you’re adding in studying for admissions exams, prepping for interviews, and writing application essays? This is like meeting with a financial advisor but for time rather than money. In this session, I’ll teach you how to: 

  1. track your current time expenditures to see where the minutes are adding up
  2. prioritize how you want to spend your available minutes
  3. look for opportunities to streamline your schedule so that you can make time for the things that you need AND want to accomplish

Free Event: Overcoming Procrastination


“Okay, I have a realistic calendar/schedule/task list now, how can I make sure that I’m actually staying motivated and getting things done?”

This lesson is for anyone who starts with the best of intentions, but still finds themselves struggling to complete tasks (or even get started). Did you build out a perfect study calendar only to find that it’s Sunday afternoon and you still haven’t done any of the studying you wanted to do? This isn’t some session about how to use tough-love or motivational quotes to “just get it done.” I’ll teach you how to:

  1. understand the root causes of procrastination (no you’re not lazy)
  2. get control of distractions and your triggers to procrastinate
  3. use calendars, to-do lists, and other tools to actually get things done


Whitney (or Whit) has been teaching and tutoring just about every subject since undergrad. While her mission has always been to help students set and attain amazing goals, her true passion lies in supporting students as they face the stress and mental roadblocks that inevitably come with admissions, academics, and testing. Pulling from her years of teaching yoga, coaching skydivers, and dealing with her own adult ADHD diagnosis, Whit brings mindfulness, motivation and productivity, and self-compassion techniques to her work with every student. She believes that studying can and should be fun, engaging, empowering, and even life changing!

Whit lives in Durham, NC with her clan of rescue doggos. Besides teaching and tutoring, Whit helps develop books, online resources, and course material for Manhattan Prep across multiple test lines. When not working, she spends time teaching and taking hot yoga classes, hiking and camping with her dogs, climbing (indoors and out), and traveling to as many new places as possible. Whitney has a B.A. in political science and did her Masters in applied economics (yup, she’s an applied econometrician).