How to Prepare for the Life and Health Insurance Exam

Now that you’ve decided to get your life and health insurance license, you must pass the exam. The specific process to get your license may differ slightly in each state, but the structure and topics of the exam are very similar. This means that the process to prepare for the exam is also similar across all the states. This article contains helpful tips and tricks to ensure you pass your life and health insurance exam…the first time!

  • Step 1: Create and Stick to a Study Calendar

It is important that you learn and remember the material you are studying for the life and health insurance exam. In order to improve your success on the exam, it is suggested that you spread your studying out over the course of many weeks, rather than cramming. On average, a life and health insurance exam candidate will spend 35 to 40 hours studying.
Taking an exam prep course with Kaplan will help you to break up your studying into manageable pieces by creating an effective study schedule and sticking to it. Put your exam date into our study calendar, and we’ll provide you with a plan that will help you effectively study.
  • Step 2: Review the State Exam Outline

It is recommended that you look up the State Exam Outline for General Lines Life and Health Agent that is unique to your state. This is a helpful tool because it shows what material will be covered under each topic, how the topics will be weighted on the exam, and how many questions will be in each section of the exam. You can use this information to decide how to prioritize the study topics.
  • Step 3: Use Practice Exams to Help You Study

Utilize practice exams to better prepare yourself for the exam. Practice exams can be used to show which parts you have mastered and which parts you need to spend more time studying. Using practice exams can also help to get you in exam mode and familiarize yourself with the exam structure.
  • Step 4: Exam Prep Review Course

Taking a pre-licensing education course for your life and health insurance licensing exam will help you understand the material better and ensure you stick to your study calendar. When you use Kaplan to help you on your journey to passing the life and health insurance exam, you can pick from traditional live classes, online courses, or printed books for self-study. No matter which study option you choose, you’ll receive the License Exam Manual (LEM), State Law Supplement, a QBank containing hundreds of practice questions, and access to our expert instructors.
  • Step 5: Understand the Exam Process

When you don’t know what to expect at a testing center on exam day, it can be overwhelming and could take you by surprise. You can easily prepare for exam day by researching what to expect. When you arrive, you will put your belongings in a locker before you are assigned to a testing cubicle. Once you get to your assigned testing spot, an employee will explain what is expected of you. Be sure you follow all directions carefully. You can learn more about the life and health insurance exam process here
The life and health insurance exam can be difficult, but you can pass on your first try by following these recommendations. Check out this video from Kaplan’s insurance experts, Julie Ramsey and Mary Orn, with more life and health insurance licensing exam study tips. You can also learn about what other successful candidates have to say about the exam process in this useful book.