The Benefits of a Career in Insurance Sales

Are you interested in a new career? Are you considering a career in insurance sales? Insurance sales is a career with many opportunities and unlimited earning potential. It is a stable and growing field with great flexibility and few barriers to entry. This article outlines some of the benefits to starting a career as an insurance agent. 

  • No Ceiling on Income Potential

A substantial appeal of the insurance industry is the high earning potential…and it can happen relatively quickly. Even agents with minimal experience can start off by achieving financial success. While it is a long process to build up clients, and the first few years may be tough, there is potential to earn up to six figures. With unlimited earning potential, there is also potential for unlimited career advancement and success.
There are two different types of insurance agents—independent and captive agents. Independent agents represent many different companies and are paid solely on commission. There are also captive agents who work for only one insurance company and often get a combination of salary and commission. Whichever route you choose, you have many opportunities to grow your income.
  • Insurance is a Stable and Growing Field

Insurance sales jobs are not only stable, but the industry is also growing. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of insurance sales agents is expected to grow 9% by 2024. This is because insurance is used everywhere—people are always going to need it, and there is always going to be risk. Insurance has a long history that dates back to 1347 in Italy.
Insurance is beneficial for its positive effect on the economy. It provides jobs, supports disaster recovery, and benefits businesses, workers, and communities. While many jobs have the underlying fear of advanced technology taking over, a computer can’t provide the type of personalized interaction or help that is required from an insurance agent.
  • No Set Schedule or Work Environment

Sitting in a cubicle from 9 to 5 isn’t the right job for everyone. If you fall into this category, insurance sales may offer you the flexibility you desire. You can make your own appointments with clients and work around your schedule, allowing you to have a work-life balance and spend time with family and friends. Additionally, you can work in the field with clients or dealing with insurance claims, or you can work remotely from home. If you would like even more flexibility, consider the independent agent route, where you also have the option to sell a larger variety of products. This allows you to better match your clients’ needs with the best fitting products.
  • Comparatively Easy Industry to Enter

There are fairly low barriers to enter the insurance industry. All you need to do is study for and pass the state licensing exam in order to start selling insurance, and there are preparation packages available to make that easier. A college degree is often preferred, but not required to work for many insurance firms. Additionally, prior experience is not required. Unlike other jobs within the same pay range, the amount of training and certification required for insurance sales is relatively low. Becoming an insurance agent is a good career choice for people who are looking to make a change, or for those who have just graduated from college and would like to enter the workforce quickly.
  • Opportunity to Positively Impact Clients

Being an insurance agent allows you to help people by protecting them from financial loss in the case of unexpected events. You can help your clients gather information, identify their needs, and match their financial situation to a policy that works for them. Insurance often involves helping people during some of the worst and best times of their lives. You are there to help your clients—from preparing for their first child or saving for retirement to dealing with a death in the family or a natural disaster. Further, you have a chance to become involved in your community as a trusted resource and build relationships with the people you live around every day.
  • No Two Days are Alike

If you don’t like doing the same tasks over and over again, insurance sales may be the right career for you. Agents have a lot of variety in their jobs and don’t often have a “typical day.” Your day could involve meeting with clients, interacting in the field, working in the office, or working remotely from home. You might be managing your marketing activities, communicating via phone and email, or marketing yourself via social media platforms. It’s absolutely critical for insurance agents to keep up with industry news, trends, and government regulations. Additionally, continuing education is required and necessary for insurance agents in all states (but requirements may vary between states).
If a career in insurance sales is something you’d like to try, take some time and explore your options. Get advice from successful agents. If you’re willing to work hard, you’ll find opportunities and success in the insurance industry.