How Should You Prep the Night Before the PSAT?

How Should You Prep the Night Before the PSAT?

The PSAT is tomorrow … dun dun dun! So what should you study the night before the PSAT?

Actually, the PSAT isn’t as scary as you may think. Sure, getting a great score could qualify you for a National Merit Scholarship for college, but at the end of the day, this test is for you not for colleges, who won’t even see your scores. That said, the PSAT is still a great way to practice for the SAT, as well as develop good Test Day habits. That way, you’ll be a pro by the time the real thing rolls around.

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What to Do the Night Before the PSAT

Here are some tips to help you maximize your score, starting the night before the PSAT:

Put down the books

Yep, you read that right. At this point, any studying you do won’t likely be retained and will be counterproductive in achieving your best score. The night before the PSAT, you want to focus on all the non-test related ways you can prepare yourself to perform at your very best, both physically and mentally.

Pick up a book

This may seem to contradict the previous point. However, it is a good idea to read for recreation, especially the morning of. This will keep your mind warmed up and alert, not to mention give you non-stressful practice with reading comprehension. Make sure it’s something easily digestible and light so you don’t overtax your brain before the exam.

You score what you eat

OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but fueling your body with the nutrients you need will also fuel your brain. Rather than a breakfast high in sugar, we suggest a complex carb such as oatmeal or whole grain toast, along with a protein to keep you full throughout the course of the test. If you’re a coffee drinker, limit yourself to one or two cups, as too much caffeine will only add to your pre-test jitters. Make sure you stop drinking caffeine around noon the day before Test Day, so it won’t keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Get out of your head…and house

When most people think of relaxing, they think of curling up on the couch with a blanket and Netflix. But there’s something very healing and revitalizing about being in nature. Why not go for a jog or a run the morning of to get those endorphins going and to let that fresh air recharge you? However, be careful about working out too late the day before Test Day, as it might keep you from being able to wind down and fall asleep.

It’s in the bag

Before you let your head hit the pillow, make sure you’ve first prepped your backpack for Test Day. You don’t want to worry about this the day of the exam; you’ll just want to grab it and go. You don’t need to bring much to the Digital PSAT, but you will you will want to make sure your device is fully charged and that the app is installed and exam setup is complete before your test day. Try to anticipate and avoid anything that may distract you or prevent you from doing your best on the PSAT. Check the College Board website for the complete list of what to bring to the PSAT. By following all the tips above, a good score is in the bag!

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