What is the gmat focus edition

What is the GMAT Focus Edition?

The GMAT Focus is the new, next-generation version of the GMAT exam, which launched on Nov, 7th, 2023.


What Changed on the GMAT?

Compared to the classic version of the GMAT, the new GMAT Focus has:

  • changed the testing durations for each section ( Quant + Verbal + Data Insights) to 45 minutes
  • changed the scaled Total score range from 200 – 800 to 205 – 805
  • renamed Integrated Reasoning to Data Insights
  • removed the Essay section
  • removed all grammar
  • removed most geometry
  • removed sentence correction problems
  • weighs data analysis skills more heavily in your score

If you’re not super comfortable with data analysis, consider this an opportunity. You’ll be analyzing data every day in business school; use your GMAT studies as a chance to build up solid foundational skills so that you aren’t scrambling to catch up from the very first day of your program.

GMAC has also found a way to allow GMAT Focus test takers to change up to 3 answers per section, basically reinventing question-adaptive testing.

You will still need to choose an answer to each problem as you go. Then, at the end of the section, you’ll be able to review any problems you want and change up to 3 answers. (You’ll also have access to a bookmark feature throughout, so that you can quickly find again the problems that you want to review.)

While geometry was removed from the GMAT Focus, coordinate plane geometry is actually considered algebra—so coordinate plane can still appear on the GMAT Focus.

In addition, Data Sufficiency (DS) problems will no longer be given in “pure” math form. Some DS problems will still test math concepts but only in “applied” (ie, story / translation) form—and some of them may even include graphs to interpret. In addition, DS problems will expand to include more logic-type problems.

Scoring Changes on the GMAT

On the GMAT Focus, all three sections (Q, V, and DI) factor into your total score on a scale of 205 to 805 in 10-point increments. The GMAT Focus also weighs data analysis skills more heavily in your score.  

Only the Quant (Q) and Verbal (V) sections in the old GMAT exam factored into your Total score. 

You will now also receive individual section scores for each section and the scoring scale for each section is 60 to 90 in 1-point increments now.

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Why the GMAT Changed

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) has been the flagship global business school entrance exam for more than 50 years. GMAC, the test makers, have specifically designed the new GMAT Focus Edition to target the current-generation skills that are most relevant to success in graduate management programs.

What is on the GMAT Focus?

The GMAT is primarily a test of your analytical and quantitative reasoning skills, tested in a time-limited format. Basically, they want to know how well you think strategically and logically, including about quantitative / data-based topics.

The three sections on the GMAT Focus test a mix of overlapping skills, all tested using multiple-choice question formats:

GMAT Focus Test SectionTime# of problemsThe section tests…
Quant45 min21– Fractions, percents, and ratios
– Algebra
– Statistics
– Story problems
– Number properties
Verbal45 min23– Critical / analytical thinking
– Comprehension
– Inference
Data Insights45 min20– All quant skills
– All verbal skills
– Data analysis
– Logical reasoning
The exam will also include one optional 10-minute break and you can take the three sections in whatever order you prefer.


GMAT Math Quicksheet

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Problem Types on the GMAT Focus

Quantitative Problem Types– Problem Solving
Verbal Problem Types– Critical Reasoning
– Reading Comprehension
Data Insights Problem Types– Data Sufficiency
– Tables
– Graphs
– Multi-Source Reasoning
– Two-Parts

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How can I prepare for the GMAT Focus?

Our new GMAT Focus courses have launched, as has our GMAT Focus Self-Study Toolkit to help you prepare for the GMAT.

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