10 Reasons Why Being a Kaplan Student Brand Ambassador is the Best Student Job Ever

Kaplan Test Prep is hiring Student Brand Ambassadors at campuses across the U.S. and Canada. Check out these ten ~totally unbiased~ perks of having the best student job ever!

1. You Can Work WHEREVER You Want.

student job

One Kaplan student brand ambassador loves shopping and eating, so she chooses to work from a 2-in-1 cafe/thrift store!

From the comfort of your PJs in bed to the school library, you can get your Kaplan work done pretty much anywhere! That’s right- no commute, no worries. Talk about convenient for a student job.

2. You Can Work WHENEVER You Want.

student job

Let’s be real, you were going to post something on Facebook as a study break in between classes anyway.

You know that awkward 30-minute gap you have in between classes that isn’t enough time to start studying, but is too long to just sit around and check Instagram? You can get paid for that time now! As a Kaplan SBA, you get to make your own schedule. And, you only work around five hours a week! That gives you time to work another student job too, if you want. 

3. You Will Get LOADED.

student job

Get paid if I get my friends to work with me? Don’t mind if I do!

But wait… with a 5-hour work week, how does this student job get you get loaded? Listen up– I’ll let you in on a little secret. SBAs get paid $15USD an hour/$19CAD an hour PLUS the chance for bonuses. Sign me the heck up!

4. You Will Get PREPPED.

student job

When was the last time your student job just casually handed you $2500 worth of free stuff just to watch you succeed?

On top of that pay, you also get to take a Kaplan course for FREE, so you can achieve the career of your dreams! As Drizzy would say (if he were an SBA), Kaplan wants you for a good time, not a long time. Kaplan truly cares about where you end up after you graduate. While you’re still in undergrad, you can even use Kaplan’s new HelpSuite for free to help you out on your classes, too! And don’t worry, you can also get your friends and family a discount on prep courses. Not enough perks? What about a discount off a Security and Training certificate program with CyberVista for you and your friends? Should I keep going?

5. You Will Get SWAG.

student job
We know our shirts are cuter than those collared polos your frat/srat friends are forced to wear during recruitment ‍️. That’s because as an SBA, you get a say in the designs for our gear!

6. You Will Rack Up LIKES.

student job

This student job will basically make you a celebrity.

Social media algorithms are constantly changing. (RIP chronological Instagram timeline.) A lot of an SBA’s job involves being active on social media, so Kaplan makes sure you know the dos and don’ts of social media. SBAs get free training from social media gurus that know exactly what time of day and what type of content you should post to get the most likes and comments.

7. You Will Make FRIENDS Across Campus.

student job

From strangers to go-to lab partners, Kaplan will bring you closer to people on your campus.

As an SBA, one of your main roles is to act as a liaison between campus groups and Kaplan Test Prep. That means reaching out to club leaders and getting to know them really well. Who knows, maybe you guys actually have a lot more in common than you’d think! A club leader at one SBA’s school ended up becoming the best lab partner she could have asked for!

8. You Will Make CONNECTIONS Across North America.

student job
This student job doesn’t just connect you with SBAs at your campus. You get to chat with other SBAs from all across the continent! Want to go to DC for spring break, but don’t know what to do at night when all the memorials and museums are closed? Your co-worker at George Washington definitely knows where you should go! Interested in grad school at Iowa State? Your co-worker that’s a Cyclone knows exactly which graduate residence you should request so you don’t end up in the dorm full of 18-year-olds.

9. You Will Learn PUBLIC SPEAKING Skills.

student job

Check out how confident Diana is up there!

It’s no secret that speaking in front of crowds is scary, especially when there’s pressure to get them information could really help them! But Kaplan has your back. Before giving an actual talk to a club, you get to practice with your manager and ask for help/tips from your peers and mentors. You even get to record your first ever talk and go over it with your manager, who will offer you even more tips. Kaplan really does want you to succeed!

10. You Will Help Students Build Their FUTURE.

student job

If this doesn’t make your heart flutter, you should probably see a doctor.

There’s honestly no feeling remotely comparable to the one when you receive a note like this one.

If you’re looking for a great student job that will give you major perks, get you closer to your educational and professional goals, and let you help others achieve their dreams, being a Kaplan Student Brand Ambassador might be just the student job for you.  Check out the Student Brand Ambassador website for more info!