SAT Math Practice Questions: Probability

The SAT Math sections are the 3rd and 4th sections on the SAT test. During the first 25-minute SAT Math section, you are NOT allowed to use a calculator. During the next 55-minute SAT Math section, you are allowed to use your calculator.
Both SAT Math sections will begin with multiple-choice questions, each of which will feature four answer choices. Then you’ll be asked for some student-produced responses, more commonly known as “grid-ins.”
Let’s take a look at an sample SAT multiple-choice practice question:


SAT Practice Question: Math

A baker makes 186 cookies. Some are chocolate chip and some are oatmeal raisin, and both kinds are made with and without nuts, as shown in the table above. Because they are more popular, the baker made 2/3 of the cookies chocolate chip.
If a chocolate chip cookie is chosen at random, what is the probability that it will have nuts?
A) 21/93
B) 21/62
C) 41/93
D) 21/41

How to Answer SAT Math Questions

The table is not complete, so your first step is to fill in the missing values. Start with what you know and work from there. It may not be necessary to complete the entire table, but rather only what you need to answer the question.

You know there are 186 cookies total and that 104 are without nuts, which means 186 − 104 = 82 have nuts. Because you already know that 40 of those cookies are oatmeal raisin, this mean 82 − 40 = 42 are chocolate chip.

You also know that 2/3 of the total number of cookies are chocolate chip, which means there are 2/3 × 186 = 124 chocolate chips cookies, total, so you can fill this number in the “Total” row of that column. You do not need to fill in any more of the table because the question only asks about chocolate chip cookies with nuts. There are 124 chocolate chip cookies total and 42 of them have nuts, so the probability of randomly choosing one with nuts is 42/124 , or 21/62 , which matches (B).

The Kaplan Method for SAT Math

Step 1: Read the question, identifying and organizing important information as you go
• What information am I given?
• Separate the question from the context.
• How are the answer choices different?
• Should I label or draw a diagram?
Step 2: Choose the best strategy to answer the SAT Math question
• Look for Patterns
• Pick numbers or use straightforward math
Step 3: Check that you answered the right question
• Review the question stem
• Check units of measurement
• Double-check your work

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