7 Preparation Tips for the Night Before the LSAT

The dreaded day has finally come. It is the day you take the LSAT. You have been studying hard in order to do as well as you can, but what should you be doing the day of to make sure you are ready to go ace that test? Below is a list of things you should make sure to do before you step into the testing room.

The Night Before

  • Get lots of sleep!

    It is classic test-taking strategy, and yet so many people don’t pay attention. Get at good night’s rest and you will be well on your way to a great test day.

  • Prepare your “Magic Plastic Bag”

    This is the one gallon, clear, zip-lock bag of things that you can bring into the testing room. Be sure to check on your lsac.org account for specifics of what you can and cannot bring, but here are the essentials. (Reminder: all of this has to fit in the bag and you can’t bring anything else so pack tightly!)

    What to bring
    Analog Watch to time yourself
    Multiple old-fashioned #2 pencils
    Pencil sharpener
    Valid Photo ID- (Driver’s license, passport)
    LSAT ticket
    Food and or water(in a clear bottle no labels)

  • Set two alarms- just in case!

Kaplan Expert Tip

Don’t take any full-length tests, and preferably don’t study at all. Instead, relax! Read a book, watch a movie, take a walk, or go shopping.

The Day Of

  • Eat a good breakfast

    Countless studies have shown that eating a good breakfast is crucial to ensuring your brain is working at its full capacity! No- a soda does not really count as a good breakfast, try to get something with protein in it such as eggs, or toast with peanut butter.

  • Dress in layers

    Who knows what the temperature will be in the testing room, so make sure to dress such that you can be comfortable no matter how warm or chilly it gets.

  • Arrive at the test center early

    Getting to the test center at least an hour before the test begins will give you enough time to check in, find a seat, and get settled all without being rushed. As a side note: DO NOT bring your cellphone! They are not allowed at the test.

  • Most importantly- BREATHE!

    You have prepared and are going to do great! Take time to calm yourself down a little and realize that, while the LSAT is a big scary test, it is only a test and you will do amazingly!

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