top 10 tips for TEAS test day

Top 10 Tips to Ace the TEAS on Test Day

After weeks of preparation, you know what to expect on the TEAS. You’ve studied a lot and taken a test practice test or two. Now your Test Day is approaching. How can you make sure you do your best?

The Week Before TEAS Test Day

  • Rest Leading up to Test Day

    Make sure you’re on a regular sleep schedule. You don’t want to burn yourself out, and wind up tired on TEAS test day.

  • Rehearse what to expect on TEAS test day

    Find out where you will be taking the test and consider doing a “dry run.” Drive or commute to the test site around the same time of day as your test will be. You don’t want to be surprised by traffic or road construction on Test Day. You also don’t want to get delayed or stressed out trying to figure out where to park, which way to go after you get off the bus, or where the restrooms are.

  • Review TEAS subject areas and content matter

    Do a high-level review. Flip through the lessons and rework a few practice problems here and there to reinforce all of the good habits you’ve developed in your preparation. (Redoing practice problems you’ve already done is fine: you can actually learn a lot that way about how to approach those types of questions more efficiently in the future.)

  • Stop preparing and give yourself a break to decompress before TEAS test day

    Two days before the test, stop studying—no studying at all! You’re not likely to learn anything new in those two days, and you’ll get a lot more out of walking into the test feeling rested.

  • Relax the night before your TEAS test day

    The evening before the test, do something fun (but not crazy or tiring). Maybe you could have a nice dinner (without alcohol), watch a movie, catch up on housework (a clean house is relaxing for some people), or play a game.

  • Go to bed early the night before your TEAS test day

    Go to bed early enough to get a full night’s sleep (7–8 hours) before the day of the exam.

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On TEAS Test Day

  • Warm up for your TEAS testing experience

    Before you take the test, do a TEAS warm-up. This will help your brain get ready to function at its best. Don’t take any practice materials into the testing center, but do a few easy practice questions at home or work before you leave for the test.

  • Don’t let nerves derail you on teas test day

    You have every reason to feel confident. You have prepared for this test! But if you do find yourself getting nervous or losing focus, sit back in your seat and place your feet flat on the floor. Then take a few deep breaths and close your eyes or focus them on something other than the computer screen or test booklet for a moment. Remind yourself that you have studied diligently and are ready for the TEAS. When you’re ready, reengage with the test.

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  • Keep moving during the TEAS test

    Don’t let yourself get bogged down on any one question. You can come back to questions that you aren’t sure about, so skip questions whenever they threaten to slow you down or to steal time from the other questions. There is no penalty for a wrong answer on the TEAS, so make sure to answer every question before time is called, even if you have to guess on some questions.

    TEAS Test Day Tip

    Use the multiple-choice format to your advantage: if you can eliminate one or two answer choices as incorrect, you have greatly increased your chances of guessing correctly.

  • Don’t assess yourself while taking the TEAS test

    This is very important. As you’re testing, don’t let yourself stop and think about how you feel you’re doing. Taking a standardized test hardly ever feels good. Your own impressions of how it’s going are totally unreliable. So, instead of focusing on that, remind yourself that you’re prepared and that you are going to succeed, even if you feel discouraged as the test is underway.

During the TEAS Test Administration

On the day of your test, arrive at least 15 minutes early so the proctor can verify your identity and get you checked in. Proctors will monitor you throughout the test, and they will intervene if they observe disruptive behavior.

Bring the following items to the TEAS testing site

  • Government-issued identification with a current photograph, your signature, and your permanent address. Examples include a driver’s license or state ID card, military ID, US passport, or US permanent resident card (green card).
    • Not acceptable: Student ID card, credit card
  • Two sharpened No. 2 pencils with attached erasers
    • Not acceptable: Pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, separate erasers
  • Your ATI assessment ID from the confirmation email you got when you registered for the test

If your test will be online, you will need to know your ATI account username and password so you can log in.
Your testing site may issue specific instructions about Test Day. Read the instructions carefully and follow them so you are not denied admittance when you show up to take your test.

Do NOT bring these items to the test

  • Electronic or Internet-enabled devices of any kind. These include cell or smart phones, portable music players, tablets, and digital or smart watches. Leave these in your car or at home. Do not bring a calculator, one will be provided to you.
  • Clothing and accessories such as a jacket, hat, or sunglasses. The proctor may inspect any article of clothing.
    • Exception: The proctors have discretion to permit items of religious apparel to be worn.
  • Other personal items such as a purse, backpack, or bag of any kind
  • Food and beverages
    • Exception: Items documented as medically necessary

Items to be provided to you by the TEAS test proctor

  • A four-function calculator: if you are taking the paper-and-pencil version of the test
    • If your test is on the computer, then the calculator will be onscreen.
  • Scratch paper: you may not write on this paper before the test begins or during your break, and you must return all scratch paper to the proctor at the end of the test

Note that during the TEAS test, if you need to leave for any reason, you must raise your hand and be excused by the proctor. While you are out of the room, the timer will continue to count down; any time you miss cannot be made up. If you need the proctor’s assistance for any other reason, such as a technical malfunction with your computer, raise your hand. Finally, if you find the test setting uncomfortable or inadequate, report your concern to the proctor before leaving the room at the end of the test.

After the test, celebrate! You’ve prepared, practiced, and performed like a champion. Now that the test is over, it’s time to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Celebrate responsibly with friends and family and enjoy the rest of your day, knowing you just took an important step toward reaching your goals.