Medical Residency Roadmap

Matching to a medical residency program does not happen in a day. Follow this map to find your way to success:

Two Years Before Medical Residency: Initial Prep

    • Apply for ECFMG authorization to register for the USMLE.
    • Become familiar with and begin the process for certification including medical diploma verification.


One Year Before Medical Residency

  • January through March

    • What type of doctor do you want to be?  Be sure to research specialties and programs. Consider where you have the best chance for interviews.
    • Begin working on your personal statements.
    • Be sure to have USMLE® Step 1 exam completed. Allow 4-6 months to prepare.
    • Schedule your Step 2 CS test date. Seats fill up fast. Some programs require ECFMG-certification before applying.
  • April through June

    • Request your ERAS token.
    • Start requesting letters of recommendation.
    • Strengthen your application with U.S. clinical experience. Find the right opportunities and take advantage of them. Be diligent; it may be a challenge but well worth the effort.
    • Take Step 2 CK to have results by September.  Allow 3-4 months to prepare, and at least 8 weeks for your score.
  • July and August

    • Register with the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).
    • Collect those recommendation letters and put the finishing touches on your personal statement.
    • It’s time to finalize your documents. Submit to ERAS early.
    • Consider taking USMLE® Step 3. It could strengthen your residency application if you have deficiencies such as gaps between your clinical experience and the time you apply.
  • September

    • AAMC’s My ERAS opens! Apply early and stay organized.
    • Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores are strongly encouraged to be considered for interviews.
    • If you need a visa that permits clinical training activities, check on the status.
  • October

    • It’s time for interviews!
    • Remember to be patient, as many programs invite interviewees into January.

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Your Medical Residency Year

  • March

    Get your match results. If you didn’t match, consider the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) to find your spot.

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