what is the best gre prep

What’s the Best GRE Prep?

GRE prep is just one part of your graduate school application process but you’ll spend as many as 10 hours per week over three months getting ready for Test Day. You’ll want to use that time wisely and invest in the best GRE prep available.

Just like you researched the graduate schools and programs you’ll be applying to, you’ll want to spend some time figuring out what’s the best way to prep for the GRE. There are many ways to study for high-stakes exams, but the best GRE prep is the GRE prep that’s best for you.

When you consider your GRE prep options, you’ll want to think about several factors to help you decide what’s the best GRE prep for your unique needs:

Once you’ve answered some of the questions above, you can begin to narrow the options for the best GRE prep for you. Lucky for you, future graduate student, there are lots of ways you can study for the GRE and be ready to conquer it on Test Day. And remember, the GRE isn’t an obstacle, it’s your opportunity to stand out to graduate school admission committees.

Best GRE Prep Courses

  • #1 Studying with a private tutor

    If you’re able to invest in a private tutor, there is almost no substitute for learning with a GRE expert who is completely focused on your opportunities for improvement. Your GRE tutor can help you craft a study plan and hone in on your weaknesses. Because your tutor is completely focused on you, you’ll maximize every study hour.

    Some private tutoring courses, like Kaplan’s, also give you bonus access to a GRE prep course, so you can get even more instruction. Look for a private tutoring option that will give you access to plenty of realistic, computer-based practice for the GRE.

  • #2 Studying with a live online prep course

    Are you a busy student or working professional? Is commuting and parking an inconvenience where you live? A live online course is a great way to study for the GRE. You get all the benefits of a live teacher and the support of a classroom course and schedule without leaving your house.

    Live online courses are hosted on sophisticated online platforms, where you can see your teacher, ask her questions, interact with your classmates, and more. With Kaplan’s live online GRE prep course, you’ll be taught by some of the highest-rated GRE experts.

  • #3 Studying on your own with an online prep course

    An online-only GRE prep course is a good choice for you if you study well on your own and can hold yourself accountable to a consistent study schedule. Look for online GRE courses that give you a personalized study plan so you can spend your time on your areas for improvement, as well as plenty of realistic practice with computer-based, full-length practice tests for the GRE.

Best GRE Prep Books

Studying with a book is a good way to delve into GRE prep. Look for books that offer a combination of GRE math and GRE verbal lessons, practice questions, and that provide you access to additional online practice resources so you can get valuable computer-based practice for the GRE.
  • #1 Kaplan’s Complete GRE Prep Plus 2022: 3-Book Set: 6Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online

    Kaplan’s 3-Book GRE Prep Plus 2022 Set guides you through your GRE prep step by step, with added online practice and video lessons to ensure you’re ready for Test Day. Study Kaplan’s proven strategies, boost your math skills, practice your pacing, and become an expert in the exam’s computerized format with two online practice tests.

    You’ll also get dozens of timed practice sets for every section of the test, a customizable online Qbank, and you can even study on-the-go. Log in from anywhere to do practice sets and even practice tests that are optimized for your mobile device.

  • #2 GRE Prep 2022: 6 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online

    Kaplan’s GRE Prep 2022 takes you through proven strategies to improve your math skills, perfect your pacing, and includes an online practice test in the same computer-based format you’ll see on Test Day. One additional full-length practice test included in the book for easier referencing and review. Of course, you’ll also work through chapters on each GRE question type and math skill, with practice sets for each.

    Continue to practice with more than 650 questions with detailed explanations, including brand new questions for the 2018 edition and more in-book practice questions than ever before.

  • #3 Manhattan Prep’s 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

    Manhattan Prep’s 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems is an essential resource for students of any level who are preparing for the GRE. You’ll build fundamental skills in math and verbal through targeted practice while easy-to-follow explanations and step-by-step applications help cement your understanding of the concepts tested on the GRE.

    Then, take your practice to the next level with online question banks that provide realistic, computer-based practice to better simulate the GRE test-taking experience. Access to an online video introduction, online banks of GRE practice problems, and the GRE Challenge Problem Archive is included with book purchase.

No matter which option you choose, the best GRE prep is GRE prep that you’ll devote consistent time and focus to. You’ve already made a great decision—you’re going to graduate school—now choose to study for the GRE and help your application shine.