Frequently Asked Questions About NCLEX Prep

As nurses-in-training, you’re used to answering everyone else’s questions. Well, we’re here to take care of yours regarding NCLEX® prep and beyond. If you can’t find your question below, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Questions about NCLEX® prep course options

You can review our course options by visiting or calling our enrollment counselors at 1-800-527-8378. We offer NCLEX® review classes and NCLEX® self-paced classes.

Expert Test Tip

Alex Forbis, Kaplan NCLEX RN Instructor

“Be prepared. Take the Q-Bank Tests, utilize the resources to focus on weak points, and most of all take notes. A good preparation plan and follow through leads to success!”

What is the difference between Live Online and Self-Paced courses?

Although you get the same online resources for both, Live Online courses meet with a live instructor over the internet while Self-Paced courses offer pre-recorded lessons that you watch and complete at your own pace.

How do I connect to the online Class?

The online course is held in an Adobe Classroom and is accessed via the internet.

Why do you list PN live classes on your site and not have any PN classes?

Our most popular is the Live Online option.

Do I have to do all that work?

We provide you with everything you need to be successful on the NCLEX®. Yes, NCLEX® prep is a lot of work, but it’s necessary for you to be adequately prepared for the test.

Where is your nearest PN Live Review?

Most of the time, our PN courses are done Live Online.

Why isn’t there a Live PN review in my area?

Kaplan has made a concerted effort to have most PN reviews be online.

Why does the International Review cost more?

In addition to all standard NCLEX® resources, International Review also includes an additional three online workshops and three books, plus an extra month’s access to online resources. International students are provided these additional resources to ensure their success on the NCLEX®.

What is the difference between the International and the regular NCLEX® review?

The International review provides all resources in the regular NCLEX® review plus an additional three online workshops, three additional books, and an extra month’s access to online resources.

When do my three months start for my online resources?

The resources start on the day you enroll and end three months after your first class. So for instance, if you enroll on January 1 for a class beginning February 15, your resources will begin on January 1 and end on May 15. However, if you enroll in that same class on February 1, your resources begin February 1 but still end May 15. This stresses the importance of signing up early – better guarantees that you’ll get a seat in the class and longer access to the online resources.

What are your pass rates?

It is hard to get an accurate sample of passing rates since they are dependent upon survey responses. However, we offer the Money Back Guarantee because we want you to pass!

How should I be scoring on my Question Trainers, Practice Tests and Qbank?

A score is just a number on that test on that day. It is best for you to aim for continual improvement with your scores—not just for a certain score.

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