6 Tips for an Organized College Search

If you have kids in high school, you are likely somewhere in the college search process. Like many parents, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information, tasks, and unexpected emotions involved in finding the perfect school. The good news is that an organized college search isn’t that hard to manage – all it takes is a little project management and record keeping to set you on your organized way:

  • Know your budget limitations

    Before you do anything, take time to understand what you can really afford when it comes to your child’s college education. This one step will ensure that you don’t waste time with schools that exceed your resources.

  • Engage Your Child

    College searching is a great time to partner with your child. This is a big decision with long-lasting impact, and it doesn’t help anyone if your child isn’t engaged and leading the process (with your help from the sidelines).

  • Use free online tools to help

    Student-focused tools like the KapMap College Planning Guide are critical tools in educating both you and your child about what lies ahead. These kinds of tools include a roadmap for when to apply, why SAT®/PSAT/ACT® prep matters, how to pay for school, what to consider when choosing a college, and much more.

  • Create a College Search Binder

    The average student applies to at least five colleges. That means you’ve got five different sets of information that you’ll need to understand and compare. The binder can hold information from college fairs, media kits and other sources, making it easy to refer to this information during the application process.

  • Use a Dated Checklist

    When it comes to an organized college search, there are some key dates that can’t be missed, including: SAT/ACT tests, college tour dates, scholarship deadlines, FAFSA application deadlines and college application deadlines. Many parents find creating an Excel spreadsheet helpful but if you prefer something readymade, check out the The GO MOM! College Bundle.

  • Make Time for College Tours

    College tours have a huge impact on your child’s decision-making process. While it can be a challenge to fit them into an already-busy schedule, tours are often the only way to find the campus that truly feels like home.

We hope these tips help you make it as positive a journey possible. Happy searching!
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About the Author

Molly Gold is deeply engaged in the “Mom market,” serving as a Brand Strategist, Integrated Media Lifestyle Expert, and Spokesperson focused on home organization, family time management, and destination marketing.  She is the mother of two college-age sons and a high school-age daughter. Molly is the Founder of www.GoMomInc.com