NAPLEX Registration and Test Day

The NAPLEX is administered year-round on business days. There are several steps in registering for the exam. As of this printing, the fee for the exam is $575. (Also, be sure to check with your local board of pharmacy for its fees.)

NAPLEX Registration Step One

Contact the board of pharmacy in the state in which you want to be licensed. The state board will issue paperwork and instructions that determine your eligibility, and will notify the NABP. You will then be issued an authorization to test (ATT), as well as other documents, including:

» Test authorization number
» Expiration date
» Range of dates during which you can take the NAPLEX

NAPLEX Registration Step Two

Once you receive your authorization packet from the NABP, you can call or register online at Pearson VUE to choose your testing center to schedule your test date. You will need your ATT information to schedule a testing date.

For more information about registration, go to:

» Pearson VUE

Taking the NAPLEX

There is no time limit for each individual question; however, you have a total of 6 hours to complete the exam. This does not include the beginning tutorial or any break given.

Remember, every question counts. There is no warm-up time, so it is important for you to be ready to answer questions correctly from the very beginning. Concentration is also key. You need to give your best thinking to each question.

On NAPLEX Test Day

  • Arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled testing time to allow for check-in. If you arrive late, you may be required to forfeit your appointment. If you forfeit your appointment, your testing fee will not be refunded.
  • Bring two forms of identification: a picture ID that includes your signature and a second form of ID. You will be required to show these IDs for entry. Your thumb-print will also be required when you enter the testing room.
  • You will be provided with laminated note boards, which may be replaced as needed during testing. You will not be allowed to take your own scratch paper or pencil into the testing room.
  • An on-screen, five-function calculator can be activated during the test administration for your use. You may also request a hand-held, five-function calculator from the test administrator.
  • The seating time for the exam is 6 hours.

How is the NAPLEX scored?

Your NAPLEX score is a scaled score, not a number-correct score or a percentile score. The scoring scale ranges will likely be from 0 to 200 with the minimum passing score likely to be set at 100. At the time of this writing, the NABP hadn’t released these exact numbers since the exam implemented these changes in November 2016. The minimum score will likely not represent the number of questions answered correctly or a percentage but will be a scaled score. The algorithms for determining your scaled score are highly confidential and are not released to the public.

Candidates who fail to answer a set limit of questions will not receive any score. Since the computer format requires that you answer every question on the screen, the only way you could answer less than the set limit would be to stop short before the end of the exam. If you complete minimum limit but not the entire exam, you will receive a penalty, and your score will be adjusted to reflect the number of questions that remained unanswered. It is certainly in your best interest to answer all questions presented.

NABP will forward your NAPLEX score to the board of pharmacy from which you are seeking licensure. NABP does not provide scores to candidates, and score results are not released at the test center.

What if you fail the NAPLEX?

First of all, it’s unlikely you will fail. Currently, the passage rate is approximately 93%. Candidates who receive a failing score on the NAPLEX will automatically be provided with a diagnostic report that indicates their relative performance in each major competency area. The board of pharmacy will notify the candidates of the NAPLEX results and diagnostic report.